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What is HelpSleddogs.COM all about

What is this site all about? It is about providing information to anybody who is interested in finding out for themselves what this controversy is all about.

It will not claim to have the facts. And interestingly enough, it will not only provide links to the proponents, it will also provide links to the opponents. The Nav bar to the left will have links to sites or other information both pro and con on Sleddog racing. Maybe one day, these sites will have similar links.

Read for yourself, but never believe for a moment that one site has all the facts, including this one. And if you want to make comments of your own, feel free to send an e-mail to webmaster@helpsleddogs.com. I will create space for any reasonably written comment (meaning well-formed and non-abusive) from any viewpoint.

This site will be continually under construction, so have patience.